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I made this book for a documentary project at Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technologies. Our assignment was to make a website, photo documentary, and audio documentary and to write a research paper with a partner about something that relates to our lives in our area today. My partner, Carly, focused on creativity in young children, where as I focused on creativity in teens and young adults. We took pictures and interviewed people, to create this documentary about creativity. Enjoy

If you give a bored pre-school student a piece of paper and a pencil, you will probably end up with perhaps not a beautiful picture, but a creative drawing, or maybe the child’s favorite cartoon. If you give a teenager a piece of paper and a pencil, most teens wouldn’t draw anything. If they did it would be more likely to be scribble than an actual drawing. A few teens however, would sit down and draw and intricate drawing of something in the room, or maybe even something in their head. Why is it then, that the majority of teens can no longer be entertained by drawing a picture? Is there an advantage to being able to draw a picture? Do these teens do better or worse in school? Have better or worse social lives? Are they in any way mentally different? To find the answers to some of these questions, we decided interview a few high school students who really stood out from the crowds in that they are creative, imaginative, and can entertain themselves with whatever you give them.