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My second interviewee was Will, who wouldn’t look out of place at a Led Zeppelin concert. Hair down to his shoulders and a green bandana around his head reflect fairly accurately on his personality: Will is into classic rock and plays the guitar in his free time, keeping things mellow and just hanging out with friends. He also enjoys debates and letting other people hear his opinions. He is very focused and strives to accomplish his goals. Will has straight A’s and is bored with normal High School.


When Will grows up he wants to go into the music business – preferably production, and he wants to have a happy family. The song he sang for me was “Alive” by Pearl Jam. He didn’t draw a picture for me, but he did tell me a story about how he dislocated his shoulder last week. Will doesn’t remember preschool too well, but he’s happy enough now that he wouldn’t go back.