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The first person I interviewed was Monica. Monica is the kind of person you look twice at when she walks past you. The combination of the weird yet not distasteful clothes, the content smile set upon her attractive face, accented with jewelry makes her stand out in a crowd. She’s the kind of person you can see selling her artwork in the streets of a major city without thinking “hippie” or “weirdo.” When you have a conversation with Monica, it is immediately apparent that you are talking to an extremely bright young woman. She has a deep level of thinking and often interprets things beyond their apparent meaning. Monica has a 4.0 high school GPA, and will be going to UCLA art school as an undergraduate student next year.


Monica likes to have friends over at her house after school, and enjoys making up art projects or hanging out with her parents and younger sister. She dreams to be an artist and always has done. When she grows up, she wants to become a graphic designer because she thinks that way she can get her ideas out, be creative and artistic and make money. When I asked Monica to sing a song for me, she asked me to sing a beat for her so she could make up a little rap about how she was feeling. The picture she drew was a little sketch of me with little details that reflected on things that had happened to us recently, and our environment (Monica owns a tarantula that creeps me out). Even although Monica loved the bliss ignorance of being young, her life is great and she enjoys it more now.