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The third person I interviewed was Christie. Christie is extremely outgoing, loves to laugh, loves to meet new faces and gets along well almost everyone. Christie is extremely ambitious, and doesn’t stop trying until she has achieved her ambitions. Christie enjoys spending time with her friends, driving her car, and making things out of clay. She has a 4.0 GPA and is going to UCLA Medical School next year.


Christie enjoys doodling, singing country songs, and lying on her bed studying biology. She sang her favorite country song and drew me a picture of two elephants who were holding trunks. Her story was about something funny her friend had said the night before. When she was in preschool, Christie dreamed of being a gymnast, because she loved jumping around on the trampoline and dreamed of having people applauding her at the Olympics. Now she wants to go to medical school to become a nurse. She would really like to be a part of “Medicins sans Frontiers,” so she can go to third world countries and help people in need.